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Sankalpit Multipurpose Cooperative Society Maryadit Mandsaur

Objectives of Sankalpit Multi-purpose Cooperative Society:

Encouraging youth and women to enhance their financial status by engaging in livelihood activities. Other objectives include:
1. Forming small self-help groups, providing training on various products, and facilitating their production and sales through marketing.
2. Guiding and empowering the marketing of agricultural products.
3. Providing consumption loans with defined limits whenever needed by the members.

Activities of Sankalpit Multi-purpose Cooperative Society:

The development of the marginalized community in the Mandasaur district is highly multidimensional. Focusing on the development of all aspects of people’s lives, such as agriculture, industry, and education, is crucial.

Proposed activities to bring progress into their lives include:
1. Creating more employment opportunities for people by assisting in the production of local products.
2. Providing loans to self-help groups and assisting in running their processing units and other livelihood-related activities.
3. Supporting their members in distributing essential supplies and other consumer goods.
4. Encouraging and supporting members and the marginalized community to participate in social-economic activities, contributing to the financial improvement of their families.
5. Encouraging and supporting capacity-building that enhances recognition and helps them climb the social ladder.

Through Sankalpit Multi-purpose Cooperative Society, the economic independence of youth, women’s empowerment, and the success and empowerment of farmers are the main components for achieving success.

Five-Year Action Plan:

1. 2023-2024: Document Preparation
– Initiate the cooperative society in the Mandasaur district, uniting children, youth, women, and marginalized groups to create financial prosperity through diverse livelihoods.
– Prepare all necessary documents.

2. 2024-2025: Membership Drive and Small-scale Industry
– Open a bank account and collect 1 lakh rupees from 200 members at 500 rupees per share.
– Commence a small-scale industry unit.
– Provide a 1 lakh insurance policy to all members.

3. 2025-2026: New Members and Unit Expansion
– Aim to add 200 new members.
– Focus on the development and expansion of the existing unit.
– Issue digital cards to all new members.

4. 2026-2027: Tourism Development
– Launch a new project for tourism development with an estimated cost of around five lakhs.
– Target to enroll 200 new aspiring members.

5. 2027-2028: Skill Development and New Unit Establishment
– Send all aspiring members for training at various locations.
– Propose the establishment of a new unit with an estimated cost of approximately 10 lakhs.

Objectives of Sankalpit Multi-purpose Cooperative Society:

– Encourage youth and women to improve their financial situation through livelihood activities.
– Other objectives include providing training, production support, and marketing for various products.
– Guide and promote the marketing of agricultural products.
– Provide consumption loans to members when needed.

Activities of Sankalpit Multi-purpose Cooperative Society:

– Focus on the overall development of the marginalized community in the Mandasaur district, considering aspects like agriculture, industry, and education.
– Proposed activities include supporting local product manufacturing, providing loans to self-help groups, and distributing essential supplies to members.
– Promote social-economic participation and financial contributions of members and the marginalized community.
– Enhance capacity-building, recognition, and social mobility for the members.

Empowering Women and Youth for Socio-Economic Independence through Sankalpit Multi-purpose Cooperative Society:

General Operational Guidelines:

1. The cooperative supports financial empowerment through various livelihood activities for women and youth.
2. Funding decisions are made considering project needs and individual member requirements.
3. Members are responsible for maintaining a healthy balance sheet and financial transparency.
4. Detailed information of all members, including name, village, tehsil, and district, should be maintained in the balance sheet.
5. Unit Costs:
– Up to 2 lakhs: Approximately 50% of the project cost funded by the cooperative.
– Above 2 lakhs: 10% of the project cost funded by the cooperative, with an additional 10% allocated for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Allocation of Funds:

1. Agricultural and allied sectors: 55% of the funds are allocated to enhance the capabilities of members.
2. Arts, Crafts, and Tourism sectors: 40% of the funds are allocated to support the service sector.
3. Small-scale Industries: 5% of the funds are allocated to boost the capabilities of members in the industrial sector.

These guidelines aim to promote financial independence and socio-economic empowerment among women, youth, and small-scale entrepreneurs through the Sankalpit Multi-purpose Cooperative Society.

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