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Dilip Dhanraj Gupta, associated with the ideology of Jan Sangh, was born on April 3, 1981 in Budha, a small village located in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh. Father Shri Dhanraj Shrikishanji Gupta, who was a pioneer in spreading the ideology of Jan Sangh to the common people, has also always been ready to work in the national interest. He discharged many responsibilities given to him during the time of Jan Sangh. His father is also the editor-in-chief of a weekly newspaper named ‘Brain Master’. ‘Brain Master’ was released in 1977 by the then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Virendra Saklecha. Dilip’s father also operated the branches of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in Pipliyamandi for a long time. The background related to patriotism, culture and values always inspired Dilip to remain engaged in good deeds. The impact of his father’s upbringing can also be seen on Dilip’s life. Dilip took his inherited passion for national interest and social service to a new dimension with double enthusiasm and hard work.

According to Swami Vivekananda, youth is the one who has strength in his hands, speed in his feet, energy in his heart and dreams in his eyes. Dilip, who imbibed this idea of Swami ji in his life, not only worked actively in social fields since his student days, but also initiated and led many good works. Dilip has also been doing regular writing work in ‘Brain Master’, due to which he developed a deep understanding about the deprived sections of the society. Despite being from a middle-class family, he began to understand very well the difficulties of the last person standing in the queue.

Dilip continued to contribute to service even while studying at Saraswati Shishu Mandir and then at Government Higher Secondary School, Pipliyamandi. During this period, he formed the Student Development Committee and led the public movement and remained in the role for about 10 years. With the passage of time, Dilip created his positive image and strong hold among all sections of the society due to intensive public relations and public welfare works. The result of this was that when his need was felt in the society, a group of youth was found ready to support him.

With his dedication, talent and hard work, Dilip achieved many achievements and held many important positions. Be it a member of the Rashtriya Kisan Morcha, a Railway Zonal member or a member of the Food Corporation of India, Dilip, in every role, contributed to the society and especially Malwa. Did many public welfare works for the area. Presently Dilip Mandsaur is the head of ‘Sukh Samriddhi Welfare Society’. This non-governmental organization is continuously striving for the welfare of the deprived class. The organization has set new dimensions with high standards in the field of social service on many occasions. To make government schemes accessible to more people as well as to help people in providing basic needs including education, employment and health, the organization under his leadership launched many schemes and operated them successfully.

During the year 2020-21, when the Corona epidemic had wreaked havoc across the world including India, the organization ran a mission named ‘Sankalpit Mandsaur’ under the leadership of Dilip. Even in the critical circumstances of the Covid era, the people associated with this mission extended a helping hand to the people under the guidance of capable leadership. At that time, whether it was providing oxygen to the struggling people, getting patients a place in the hospital or making medical arrangements for them, the organization helped people day and night, from Remdesivir to many expensive equipment. During this period, by collecting information about the beneficiaries, the organization tried to provide them many other types of help. Apart from this, a team under his leadership is always ready to help people in administrative matters also. The team continuously strives to help as many people as possible by connecting with them on all its platforms including social media and website.

The organization emerged stronger during the adverse times of Covid and under the leadership of Dilip, the team worked on the already ongoing projects with unprecedented enthusiasm. The organization was successful in forming women’s committees and providing employment to youth with different levels of literacy in regional factories and industries as well as in national and multinational companies. Launched ‘Project Garv’ to make disabled youth financially capable. In this campaign to make the backward sections of the society economically capable, Dilip made a commendable blend of cultural and traditional values. He promoted products made from cow dung in place of many foreign l products for decoration and daily use. ‘Gomay Deepak’ is one of the major products.

Be it working on the ground under the guidance of seniors for the success of any scheme or taking the reins of leadership himself and carrying out the good works, Dilip has proved himself in every role. His efforts were widely recognized at the national and international level as well. A magazine had ranked him among the 40 fastest rising youth of India. In this way, Dilip, who grew up in the soil of Malwa, convinced many stalwarts not only in Malwanchal with his work but also from Bhopal to New Delhi with his passion.